Now, history is standing in front of the door beginning a new century like this way. A new century is different from former centuries in the fact that the whole world has to move simultaneously in the time coordinate of new century. All communities including even isolated area as well as centric area in the world can not escape from this tendency and will meet the destructive destination when they may secede from the coordinate, as is the only way allowed in the new century This fact is certainly proved by the reality itself that information industry is being controlled and seized in the light of global viewpoint.

Now, the existence, ups and downs of community mainly depends on how to maximize the power of information industry and to participate in the world market. Whatever you may define the information industry's concept, the foundation of its power comes from producing and accumulating knowledge. In the period, the production and accumulation of knowledge becomes the kernel of information industry globally, the responsibility of publication and publisher is required to be defined newly, which is absolutely different from former period.

Now, publisher's capability and effort should be focused on the responsibility of publication as a media , knowledge accumulation as an axis of information industry. The responsibility is connected to the existence of publication in the light of industry, and is also connected to the calling of publication in the light of culture and education. For the existence and the calling, the power of individual publisher is necessary, but the power of publisher's collective movement is more essential. Because the portion that publication media takes out of information industry is relatively smaller than that of other media. Specially, in Korean society where quantitative volume is the object of respect, publisher's collective movement may come to be the driving force available to graft qualitative value into information industry. Additionally, the movement can be a chance raising the consciousness of publisher's original calling and reconfirming publisher's position as well in Korean society dominated by fetishism. It looks the proper time for Korean publishers to seek after new position in the contemporary global change massively occurred by the distribution of knowledge and information.

Now, the fact that publication should become a centric axis for the information industry of community is the justification as a media. Additionally it is other social responsibility given for publication to correct the facts ? the overwhelmed effect of foreign culture, a one ?sided overflow of ghetto culture, entrance examination oriented school education-. Furthermore, creating new cultures and performing society education is also publication's social responsibility. We publishers have to cooperate and advance together to confirm the justification as a media and social responsibility. With the belief that cooperating and to advancing together is a chance for self- innovation as publishers, let's gather all powers to face a new century based on Korean Publisher Conference.

Now, we, 326 publishers, declare founding of Korean Publisher Conference by deciding and clearing to maximize our own capability and effort to join in the business to get the book named "21C" upcoming 100 years filled with more beautiful and perfect contents than that of " book" in any other century.
November 2. 1998   
Korea Publisher Society   

이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길
인트라 이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길 인트라 이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길