Policy /Planning
This business suggests the publication's direction to contribute for realizing a society based on knowledge and information by expanding the concept and realm of publication, the foundation of knowledge and culture, and constructing the basis of industrial development, and promotes to strengthen the capacity of publication industry and to increase information welfare, etc.
World Book Day
Every April 23 is World Book Day appointed by UNESCO. Korean Publisher Conference plans to inform the importance of book widely through many events in memory of this day and to organize a festival presenting books to deliver gratitude

The origin of World Book Day : It was designated in memory of the date of festival " StGeorge'sday" in Katalunya to present flowers to the person purchasing books, and the death- day of Shakespeare and Cervantes.
Reading promotion movement based on book refund
This is a social contribution campaign sponsored by Naver and Publishers Association of South Korea to promote the continuous circulation of new books and knowledge. This is a campaign to share book, knowledge and culture through the system that readers purchase the books, 40 kinds of book selected by Korean Publisher Conference every month, in a bookstore, donate the books to the bookstore they purchase after reading it within a certain period, then they are refunded by 50% out of book price. The book returned are donated to the places ponsored by Naver - isolated villages nationwide, village libraries in the back land and the legion isolated from culture- by the member of People Building Small Library Corp.

- Selected field and volume : 40 kinds from 2 fields
Reading university, Rena 21
Rena 21 is a compound word between Renaissance, opened new era exceeding over the Middle Age, and '21 C' ,
the gateway for new millenium and new culture. It symbolizes the spirit of Reading university pursuing the life of
retrospection and mutual understanding through a reading movement on humane studies in the present
market-oriented society.

Reading university, Rena21 is planning to spread the reading culture to society for children,
youth as well as adults through various courses and reading programs, and to promote a humanism restoration movement for people.

Additionally Rena21 organizes lectures proceeded with the strictly selected book writers and specialists to provide the contents suitable for people's intellectual requirement.

This is a non-profit public education business, was commonly organized and is being operated by Korean Publisher Conference and Community Education Institute in Episcopal Church for the above purpose and object with the background. Its top priority of principle is public interest and good.
Announcement for a general bestseller chart
This is to raise the recognition for the information of bestseller by announcing book sales charts, is a practical activity to develop righteous publication environment by suggesting a model for differential bestseller charts. For this purpose, the data, collected from the bookstores in 5 major cities and on-line bookstore every week, is processed and analyzed, then the result, a general bestseller chart, is announced every week through the home page of Korean Publisher Conference.
Improve publication distribution
Korean Publisher Conference is a responsible group as a part of publication circle, has keenly felt the necessity to take a root for the fixed book price system and to basically settle down distribution problem under disorder for publication circle's dramatic development in 21C. society based on knowledge, and is planning to raise proper publication culture by keeping to monitor continuously through a special committee and will provide valuable information to readers.
Operate a reporting center for illegal book distribution.
This center was established to monitor and advertise regular distribution activity by the judgment for the urgent necessity to correct publication's distribution to develop the publication culture industry, the foundation in the society of knowledge in 21C, based on the opportunity to revise An Act for publication culture promotion in 2007.
- Establish a healthy distribution order for publication
- Promote the activities for continuous monitoring, prevention and advertisement for settling down a fixed book price system and for eradicating hoarding
- Plan the rationalization of publication's distribution market by monitoring and advertising a fixed book price system
- Monitor regularly suspicious hoarding activities to manipulate bestseller charts, secure its proofs and punish.
- Pre monitor for eradicating illegal publication distribution
- Survey the activity of advertisement, article and event of publication
- Advertise for preventing illegal publication's distribution, and issue and distribute books for it.
Seoul Book Institute Business(www.sbin.or.kr)
This(sbi) is a general publication school established by Korean Publisher Conference on May 25.2005 for the purpose of cultivating publication specialists, becoming the cornerstone of knowledge and information industry in 21C, and leading to construct the knowledge and information infra related to publication . sbi has been preparing the foundation to strengthen publication's capability far better by improving publisher's quality and capability by developing various education programs, adjusted to pace with the changing speed of publication circle, and systemic education based on reality and the capability available to be applied to actual field, and interchanging mutually and promoting cooperation between publishers
The goal of Education
- Creative and future-oriented education in accordance with the change of publication environment
- Field-centered education emphasizing case study, although creative graft is performed between theory and field
- Specialized education to improve viewpoint and capability for publication through the excellent professors constituted with the most capable specialists
- Education to increase practical skills by providing knowledge and information necessary for actual works
- Education to increase healthy professionalism and ethics consciousness for a publisher
Education course
Novice course for publisher / correction and revision course / publication marketing course/ DTP course for practical affairs on edition, design/ publication design course/ publication process course / course for the chief editor of publication / course for the new founder of publication / course for the editor of children's book/ course for the specialized editor of practical book/ course for the accounting of publication/ course for publication copyright/ in-design course/ quick express course
Training school consortium for mid-small company Seoulpreliminaryschoolforpublication
This was appointed by the Dept of Labor as an operating institute in August.2008 for cultivating mainly publication manpower by organizing a job training consortium with 340 publishing companies. This opens educational courses for supplying manpower stably to publishing companies, strengthens the specialty of incumbents by performing customized skill education, at the same time, and is cultivating the trained, capable new manpower necessary for publication circle

- Operate diversified programs for the education improving incumbent's skill in accordance with actual demand from publication fields
- Seoul preliminary school for publication, a training school cultivating new manpower, employs the participant to complete 5 month course ? education for overall realms of publication through theory lecture and workshop, the course for training direct edit / correction and revision / layout/ design for writer's script in the position of an editor - through an interview to the consortium.
Hold seminars with invited famous oversea publishers
Hold seminar every year for the purpose of learning the know-how of growth and the most advanced technique of publication marketing from the world's leading publishing companies, advertizing the cultural background and superiority of our publication, and preparing the foundation to export our publications and copyright by inviting the presidents or editors of famous oversea publishing companies
Support publisher for oversea training
Support the incumbent, excellent 2 publishers for 3 month oversea training, who are selected by document review and an interview based on the application provided every November, to increase the capability of publishing company through the quality improvement and morale stimulation of employees in publication circle by the sponsor of "Baekbongje Memorial Publication Culture Foundation" established for remembering of Bongje Baek , a forerunner of publication.
Issue a directory for Korean publishing companies
It has been published every other year for introducing the members of Korean Publisher Conference who are actively publishing books, and other publishing companies and their books published and the information of publisher
Operate KOPUS home page
This homepage has been providing the introduction of institute, various publication columns, book reviews and affluent information to publication circle through
webzine form, and is trying to find the way of information sharing for whole publication circle by supplementing this webpage constitution rarely contacted for long time and adding up fruitful contents in it
Publisher's night
It has been held every year to provide a chance for the mutual relationship and friendship of publishers, to raise the social position of publication by selecting, encouraging ' publisher of the year' who has performed meaningful activities for publication in the corresponding year, and to grope the development of publication culture

이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길
인트라 이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길 인트라 이메일무단수집거부 이용약관 개인정보취급방침 대관/배너광고안내 찾아오시는길